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Far Too Far (2015)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015, 6:58 | Action, Crime, Drama | 4 Comments | 1862 Views
Far Too Far (2015)
Run time: 117 min
Rating: 8.2
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Director: Justin Hunt
Writers: Justin Hunt, Justin Hunt
Stars: Brandi Wethington, Abbey Hunt, Chris Overson
Linda is an attractive, intelligent single mother of a nine year old daughter, whom she affectionately calls ‘Bug’. After being convinced by a friend to join her for a house party, Linda makes one bad decision that sends her life down the deep, dark downward spiral of Meth abuse. As her usage continues, more and more unsavory characters enter her life, including Luci, a tall, dark handsome stranger who encourages her continued use. The more she uses, the less she has time for Bug. That is, until she’s forced into a nauseating situation by Luci where she has to choose: the drug or her daughter. On the outskirts of the story is Jim Burgess, a social worker for Child Protective Services who is tormented by bad dreams, yet provides the hope of a better future for victims of such ugly acts of humanity. All the while he continues to mentor his young co-worker, Samantha, who seems set on playing judge and jury to anyone who harms a child. When the stories of these five characters collide, … Written by juhu
Country: USA
Release Date: October 2015 (Spain)
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4 responses to "Far Too Far (2015)"

  1. andry says:

    Excellent movie, but I had to watch it twice. The first time I went to see Far Too Far, I left before the movie ended. There is a pivotal scene near the end, and I was sooo angry at Linda and Luci. I left the theater and went home. My husband asked me how the movie was and I was telling him that I couldn't finish watching it and what the story was about. He said "It must be a good movie to have gotten to you that way. I think I'd like to see it." Turns out, that the movie played again the following weekend, so we both went to see it. We got to the same point in the movie, and we were both crying. I realized that I had my nails dug into the palms of my hands from clenching them into fists.

    The ending was a surprise. I didn't expect it at all, but it left me feeling better about how the story ends and maybe more positive about people.

    I wasn't going to try to write a review, but the whole thing is still in my head. I keep seeing parts of it and wondering about how the characters are, what they are doing, etc. like they are real people, lol, even though I've seen some of the actors around town and know that everything on the screen was just a movie. It's hard to separate the two.

    I hope everyone has a chance to see this.

  2. brandy says:

    On the surface, Far Too Far is a film about the downward spiral of meth addiction. Justin Hunt pulls no punches on the subject- the story is raw, gritty and real. But the challenge in this, is somehow finding the true story which is one of hope and redemption. All the best films are, at their core, love stories. That is exactly what Far Too Far is.

    The film does an incredible job taking us into the life of a hard working, single mom "Linda" portrayed by Brandi Wethington and her young daughter "Bug" (Abbey Hunt). It's a story most parents can identify with, the everyday joys and challenges of raising a child. The selflessness, the tiredness. And that's where things start to slip.

    If at all possible, avoid spoilers on this movie. The sharp twists are integral to the impact of the story. The plot is played out in past and present, through the eyes of Linda and social worker, "Jim Burgess" (Chris Overson), and what begins as simply a story about the devastation meth leaves in its path, becomes a story about people. About hope. Forgiveness.

  3. randy says:

    Loved this movie. Not sugar coated. It is the kind of movie that you can actually walk away hating a character, for me that means it has moved me, touched me in some way. So much so that I could not sleep for thinking about it. Such an important movie with a message that needs to be conveyed in a manner that is hard hitting and honest. Some films dealing with this criteria kind of make light of the subject, make it seem like it is a great time. When in reality it is anything but a great time! Those films do not show you the truth. This film is raw in truth it is powerful in its message. I am glad I had the opportunity to see it. It has definitely left an impression on me. Justin Hunt, thank you for "going there".

  4. caesar says:

    This is one of those movies, you simply cannot stop thinking about. It stays with you, jarring into your thoughts at random times. Far to Far takes you into the world of meth…a drug far too prevalent in our society. It takes you along for a tragic ride into the life of a user. It shows what the use of meth, and what true desperation does to a person. The tragic results of a life changed with a single decision. Watch it and determine for yourself at what age you think it is appropriate to allow your children to watch it–let them see what one bad choice can do to their lives, without you preaching at them. Seeing this movie taught me many things about the drug I knew little about. Also give me understanding of how quickly addiction takes over a life.

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