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Argo 2 (2015)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015, 6:54 | Action, Comedy, Crime | 1 Comment | 973 Views
Argo 2 (2015)
Run time: 91 min
Rating: 8.0
Genres: Action , Comedy , Crime
Director: Attila Árpa
Writers: Peter Huszar, Bence Trunkó
Stars: Péter Andorai, Lukács Bicskey, János Bán
Hungarian small time crook, 70 year old Tibi Balog gets out of prison after 10 years, but he didn’t change a bit. When a Japanese crime syndicate hires him to acquire a Hungarian invention – the world’s first floppy disc – Tibi puts his band of retarded thugs back together and the action starts. As expected, Tibi completely screws up the job and becomes the target of Japanese Assassins, a very angry Gypsie family and the entire Slovakian Army. Gags and action and no political correctness at all. The Hungarian heat is on. Written by Attila Árpa
Country: Hungary
Release Date: 30 April 2015 (Hungary)
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1 response to "Argo 2 (2015)"

  1. mark says:

    First of all, Argo 2 is clearly not for everyone, not everybody can appreciate this sort of redneck and moron behavior. There are people who may not like this type of humor and that's can be the reason of displeasure. This is a fact and it must be accepted. I'm not one of them.

    I absolutely loved the first movie and the idea of a sequel made me excited. With a bigger budget they had the chance to generate an intensive marketing and grab more people's attention.

    This movie doesn't want to take itself too seriously. I wasn't expecting a complex or revolutionary story because in this case that's not the major priority. The plot is just the frame and it's only purpose to cause funny and absurd situations. There are plenty of funny moments and action scenes are much more spectacular. They were shooting at different locations which was a pleasant surprise and it added some extra value to the overall.

    The characters are still funny as hell, they bring the same performance but that's what we need. The idea of the lack of knowledge in modern technology was a great causer of awkward situations but they didn't take full advantage of this. A lot of great opportunity were missed, instead of more swearing they could invest more time in creating situational comedy.

    There were some movie references which could have been a good idea but the implementation was too direct. These moments must have been carefully added to the events, sometimes i felt that they tried to throw these in my face : "Look! A reference!". Translation of some old catchphrases to Hungarian would have been a better choice (maybe).

    There were definitely too much swearing in some scenes. I know, i know, this became the main essence of the first movie and it was quite obvious to hear even more in this one. In my opinion, sometimes less is more. It wasn't a huge problem but Hungarian language is famous for the wide variety of swearing, they should have used this advantage and add more flashy or twisted words to avoid monotony.

    As far as i'm concerned the first Argo was a bit better but this is also a good one. All in all, it is an action packed, funny and entertaining movie. In the last few years Hungarian movies started to shine and Argo 2 joined this positive "uprising".

    Unfortunately this was the last movie of Lukács Bicskey who brought us the unforgettable Psycho. His memory will live on with his legacy, Rest In Peace.

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